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Sensational Programs For:

We are constantly employing new methods for promoting any person’s best self. Currently, our Intuitive Physical Fitness, Sensational Programming, Creative Renewal and Prosperous Movement practices demonstrate this purpose.

Here's our story

Autumn of 2010

Valorine begins instructing dance fitness classes.

May 2012

Sensational Power is given its name.

summer 2014

High Five Achievement is created.

december 2017

Valorine & Jason begin fusing their practices together.

May 2020

Sensational Power evolves to teaching online.

Winter 2021-present

Valorine & Jason introduce Prosperous Movement.

Find Your solution

We’re here to make life easier for you, so we even fast-tracked the decision-making process with a simple questionnaire.  

Creative Renewal

Set your power free.

What is Creative Renewal?

Creative Renewal is our method for restoring your very essence. Oftentimes we get caught up in this material world and lose track of our true purpose. Here’s the thing, though, we are not telling you what that purpose is. We’re commanding or reprimanding; instead, we’re reflecting your thoughts, feelings, & beliefs to you; we’re helping you see yourself and accept all of yourself.

The specifics of Creative Renewal will vary from person to person. What works for certain people will not work for everyone. At Sensational Power, we know you’re unique; that’s why we’re celebrating so often. We’re happy to embrace our member’s individualities; this is what differentiates us from other organizations. We are not comparing ourselves to others or discrediting anyone, but it’s important for us to convey our simple & clear mission to you. 

  1. Everything we do is to encourage the health & wholeness of our community and its members. We do that through various programs, exercises, and conversations intending to help us conquer our fears, doubts and all hindrances. 
  2. The next thing we do is help each other cultivate integrity. We see that a person can only be as loving & kind to others as they are to themselves. That’s why when we speak of loyalty, we’re talking about both interpersonal and intrapersonal respectfulness.
  3. Our gratitude for helpful conversation plays a significant role in Creative Renewal. As our third pillar, the foundation of Creative Renewal is having fruitful discussions. For us, being silent & listening go hand in hand. When one is genuinely peaceful in their introspection and solitude, what they bring back to the rest of the world is the ability to have beneficial conversations. However, until we cultivate that inner silence, our dialogues will actually be overlapping monologues.
  4. Encouragement & Encumbrance balance one another, Loyalty & Lack of Commitment balance one another, Conversation & Concealment balance one another, and Prosperity & Poverty balance one another. It’s up to us; we create our lives. Everything is one so let’s encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and commit to this way of life, staying loyal to the people that have your best interest in mind, and of course, remaining respectful to yourself! Be honest, denial leads to disease, and all healing begins with honesty. You don’t need another person to have a beneficial conversation, but to have great interactions with others; you need to have cultivated inner peace. All of these things help to reinforce this proverb, “Prosperity is here and now!”       

We want you healthy & whole, following your joy, feeling peaceful as all your beautiful dreams come to fruition.  

Who is it for?

Creative Renewal is for anyone ready for change. All we ask for is your honesty because that’s the beginning of your healing journey.  

How is it offered?

Creative Renewal happens 1-on-1 outside of our Sensational Programming. It is 100% custom-tailored to fit your needs. First, after you reach out to us, we will book a consultation with you. From there, we work with you and develop a beneficial schedule that facilitates your Creative Renewal.

Where does it take place?

The choice is yours between virtual meetings, phone calls, and messages. We prefer to have consistent virtual conferences, but we adapt to fit your preferences. Between sessions, we keep in touch through e-mail and message you with prompts to encourage you every step of the way.

How much does it cost?

We offer Creative Renewal to you at the price of $150 per session. A session will usually last around one hour, but it can go on a little longer, and we don’t like to charge you for that.

Prosperous Movement

We are helping you to make better decisions regarding your health & wellbeing.

Personalized fitness-plans

Custom-tailored to fit your needs, we dedicate our time to ensure joy & progress are constant in your fitness journey.

Support along the way

With our combined experience and diverse backgrounds, rest assured that you're in good hands. We're here to serve!

What is Prosperous Movement?

Prosperous Movement is more than your typical personal training. It is very intricate as we look into your deepest needs, ensuring that you’re healthy on all levels. This will look different for everyone, some people may have more education on fitness than others, but others will need more help with their mental health. No matter your specific needs, we’re here to help you to the furthest extent of our ability.

Who is it for?

Prosperous Movement is for anyone. And we do put a lot of time & energy into designing a custom program for you.

How is it offered?

We will be virtually coaching you 1-on-1. The sessions range from physical exercises to guided meditations personalized for you. This is our version of personal training, and we design each session exclusively for you.

Where does it take place?

First, we will book you in for a consultation. We will get a good read on your situation and what you intend to accomplish. From there, we will arrange the best schedule for you.

How much does it cost?

We offer Prosperous Movement in 8 sessions for $350. A session usually lasts somewhere between one or two hours. Everything depends on your unique needs & aspirations.

Mindset management

To reinforce your goals and strengthen you on all levels, not just physically, we're genuinely personal trainers.

Custom solutions

For each client of ours, we start from scratch. There is no cookie-cutter program here; your Prosperous Movement is 100% unique, just like you!

fitness + support + high five achievement

Health and wholeness on all levels, fitness for every aspect of you.

Our Buoyant membership has everything a modern-day creator needs to stay afloat. Fitness to encourage health and wholeness, a community that’s loyal to your dreams, the sincerity and healing of beneficial conversations, and the fact that we all get to succeed together!

move your body

shift your mind

step out and let love rise

share your beauty

feeling kind

Give yourself a high five

What is High Five Achievement?

High Five Achievement is a method of optimizing our mind-body connection to foster productivity and creativity. Companies have abused their employees for far too long by draining them of their precious imaginative abilities—Forced to endure the rigidness of a dull & repetitive routine as fixated institutions discard individuality. Worker bees become the missing pieces of these corporate jigsaw puzzles rather than being a key that unlocks great new things in our world.

We can regain equanimity by returning to our centers and ensuring we’re neither obsessed nor peculiar. With many options, opportunities and feeling overwhelmed by our potential, life has a way of seeming like there isn’t enough time in a day. But we challenge that opinion with High Five Achievement! There is enough time when you implement effective time management techniques. And that’s an essential aspect of HFA; depending on the schedule, we plan to prioritize your best practices.

As a community, a group of friends or coworkers, we have made High Five Achievement widely available.

Who is it for?

High Five Achievement is for anyone feeling like there is not enough time in the day to do what they love. It’s for anyone suffering from a work-life imbalance. Or any multi-talented creators that are struggling to juggle their many skills. It’s for people who want to be healthy on all levels, which means feeling peaceful and recognizing your inner beauty.

It’s for creators, creatives, & artists looking to stay at the top of their game. Employers must ensure that their employees feel respected, connected, and effective.

Above all else? What it does in a nutshell: Prosperous Movement. Our approach to health includes art to get an accurate read on our emotions. We encourage everyone to get in touch with their feelings and express themselves in both a creative & positive way. It’s our goal to facilitate the release of all toxicity, whether it be negative thoughts & beliefs, emotions, traumatic memories or detrimental habits.

How is it offered?

It’s offered within our community by becoming a Buoyant Member. We can also schedule you in with a group of friends, colleagues, or even as an virtual company retreat!

Where does it take place?

First, we will book you in for a consultation. We will get a good read on your situation and what you intend to accomplish. From there, we will arrange the best schedule for you.


If you’re a member, be sure to regularly check the community calendar for more information regarding High Five Achievement events.

How much does it cost?

If you would like to book an HFA event, it will cost $9 per person every 30 minutes. Depending on how long you would like your event to be, we will alter the method, guaranteeing effectiveness no matter what duration you choose. This option is ideal for companies or groups looking for a community-building experience. Of course, if you are also interested in the other services we offer, you can receive High Five Achievement as a member of The Sensational Power community. This option requires the Buoyant membership priced at $53 per month.

fitness + community + creator's cluster

Working out our bodies and our creative muscles.

Our Intuitive Physical Fitness gives us momentum to manifest all of the things we love creating.  We believe that for every physical practice, there should be a creative workout!

What is Creator's Cluster?

Creator’s Cluster is a communal way of cultivating discipline, practicality, healthy habits, and creative momentum. Combining our focus with fellow creators encourages the determination to prosper. Coordinating together provides an opportunity to keep us showing up for our dreams and offering encouragement to each other. We are turning the seeds of ideas into fragrances of fruition. Along the way, we will share our successes and revel in each other’s achievements because this is more than a support system; this is a blossoming community.

Who is it for?

Creator’s Cluster is for anyone willing to attract triumph into their everyday life. It’s for the enterprising & industrious and the go-getters envigorated by the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s for artists & scientists, and anyone looking to gain the extra boost of our collective purpose.


Discover inward;
each dream is a work of art.
We’ve done more than wish.


To prosper forward,
with peace and love in our hearts.
Stay young, not childish.


The treasure’s unheard;
to teach joy is beyond hard.
But some will nourish.


Creators clustered;
no need for critics or guards.
As one, we flourish!


If these words resonate with you, then Creator’s Cluster is for you.

How is it offered?

We have included Creator’s Cluster in two memberships: Powered & Buoyant.

Where does it take place?

It all happens on Zoom in one of our virtual meetings. Be sure to keep up-to-date on our Sensational Scheduling.

How much does it cost?

Depending on which membership you decide to go with, Creator’s Cluster is offered alongside many other great programs. Our Powered membership costs $44 per month, and the price of our Buoyant membership is $53 per month.

1. Sing your Song 

2. Share the Stage

3. Singing or Silent

4. Support Nourishes Success

What is Singing Circle?

Singing Circle is a simple method of sharing the songs currently resonating within us. We’re expressing emotions and reaching new realizations through singing because our mind, body, feelings, and creativity are all synchronized at this moment. It can be therapeutic as well as communal. As you develop a better connection with yourself, it is also possible to establish fantastic relationships within a community of like-minded creators, creatives & artists. It’s more than singing out loud; it’s shining your light.


Singing is an emotional, mental, physical and sometimes unconscious activity. When we sing, it’s an opportunity for harmonizing ourselves on multiple levels. It can bring repressed emotions, memories & realizations to the surface, which is cathartic and allows us to welcome new things into our lives. Whenever we imagine + feel emotion, we’re creating that thing. So in that sense, singing is a powerful tool. However, make sure what you’re expressing is in harmony with what you want to manifest.  

Who is it for?

Does music give a voice to your soul? Do you oftentimes find it difficult to put words to your emotions? Have you ever been moved to tears by a piece of music? Do you have any tendency to repress what you are feeling or to be overly self-critical? Have you ever felt like you experience music/emotions more profoundly than others?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Singing Circle could be a therapeutic and supportive experience for you.

How is it offered?

We include Singing Circle in our Powered and Buoyant memberships; however, if you would prefer to receive Singing Circle on its own, without any other of our Sensational Programming, that option is also available.

Where / When does it take place?

Singing Circle happens as often as our members call for it. Please keep up-to-date on our Sensational Scheduling for our ever-changing timetable. We are constantly accommodating the collective needs of our community. So bear in mind that your input matters!


How much does it cost?

You can choose to receive Singing Circle on its own for the modest price of $3 per month. However, if you’re looking for the versatile benefits of our Sensational Programming, you may be interested in one of our memberships. We have two memberships that include Singing Circle: Powered, which costs $44 per month, and Buoyant, which costs $53 per month.

live fitness + videos + written programs

Fitting fitness in, so it's convenient & efficient

We believe the key to making any fitness method successful is joy. We can ensure mental engagement by maintaining a variety of moves and flowing through various intensity levels.

Unlock your next level of wellness

We are tuning in to the healing rhythms of nature & relaxation through The Sensational 8 program.

What is The Sensational 8?

The Sensational 8 program consists of eight different forms of training: Circuit training, callisthenics, dance fitness/ free movement, yoga, mobility training, resistance training, plyometrics, and dynamic movement.
Each form of training is assigned a moniker within the sequence: 1. Sensational Circuits (circuit training) 2. HappyWorks (callisthenics + isometrics) 3. Dance Stance Strong (dance fitness/ free movement) 4. Happyogis (yoga) 5. Movement Is Medicine (mobility training) 6. Built to Prosper (resistance training + plyometrics) 7. Happy Punch! (dynamic movement) 8. Dragonfly Yoga (yoga). Every workout contains an amalgam of these eight to ensure well-roundedness, effectiveness, & proper recovery.

Who is it for?

The Sensational 8 is an adaptable guideline that everyone can follow at any optional intensity. You can take your time, breathing mindfully, or huff & puff through your workout—the choice is yours. We recommend mindful breathing and maintaining a beneficial heartbeat, but we understand everyone has different goals. A great indicator of exercise intensity is if you begin breathing through your mouth. When this happens, take a break from your activity to catch your breath.

We craft each practice with the intention of cultivating an ideal mind-body connection. The Sensational 8 program sprouts out from our company pillar of Intuitive Physical Fitness. Therefore, it should be mentioned that it is for anyone looking to develop more equanimity, self-esteem, confidence and enjoyment of life.

How is it offered?

You can discover your next TS8 practice in our blog section. The Sensational 8 is the foundation of our live fitness classes, meaning it’s available within each of our memberships. It is constantly updating and evolving every step of the way, so you can relax knowing that you always have a workout to look forward to and new movements to keep you inspired.

Where / When does it take place?

The beauty of The Sensational 8 Intuitive Physical Fitness program is the freedom, simplicity & adaptability to fit your needs. Whether being instructed by one of our teachers or enjoying a solitary practice, it is always open to interpretation. We make recommendations along the way, but ultimately each move is yours to make!


Please ensure to stay up to date on our sensational scheduling for building healthy habits!


How much does it cost?

The Sensational 8 is available on its own as a written program with videos to follow along with as well for $8 per month. If you prefer to experience it through live virtual fitness classes, check out our Classic, Powered & Buoyant memberships.

Join The Sensational Circle

  • The Sensational 8

  • Live Fitness Classes

  • Creator's Cluster

  • Singing Circle

  • High Five Achievement



  • The Sensational 8

  • Live Fitness Classes

  • Creator's Cluster

  • Singing Circle

  • High Five Achievement



  • The Sensational 8

  • Live Fitness Classes

  • Creator's Cluster

  • Singing Circle

  • High Five Achievement


"Looking forward to tomorrow! It is a great way to work out in the luxury of your own home while also keeping you well and productive throughout the day. It makes me more aware when sitting at a desk to set a reminder to do some stretches every hour. I highly recommend The Sensational 8 for mental health, energy and building strength naturally. So grateful for these opportunities to exercise with Valorine Melàni."
Melisa Centofanti
"Valorine and Jason helped me to keep moving during the pandemic with their variety of dance, working out and yoga-based practices. Their Intuitive Programming takes place consistently, and I was able to find sessions that worked with my schedule. Their intuitive-holistic approach to health & fitness is just what I need. They encourage me to get to classes and offer beginner versions of intermediate exercises. Reach out to them regarding fitness classes and group activities today!"

Abir Bachir

Make Mindfully

"Thank you Jason🙏. Love the team work and amazing programs. Such a great workout!"
Afia Khan

This is US

It’s more than a job for us, this is our life purpose.

Valorine Melani


Valorine began Sensational Power as a way to help others reach the pinnacle of their potential. If she isn’t teaching online fitness classes or instructing this week’s session of High Five Achievement, she is: probably imagining new ways for Sensational Power to serve our community better.
With such a diverse background, from sales to singing scales, she is sure to help anyone find a balance between the world’s demands and the needs of a creative individual.

Jason Berdan


Jason built off of Valorine’s original intention for Sensational power. While adding some new ideas, he was considerate in maintaining integrity to the initial purpose. From having conversations with our members on social media to guiding them through intuitive-physical fitness classes, he’s constantly figuring out the most beneficial way to move forward as a company and as a community.

We are here to serve

The beginning of something great starts with putting yourself out there and taking a chance!

Do you have any questions?

Please read our FAQs, and if you still have questions, you can email us directly at