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Surrender your expectations; freedom this way!

First, you need to live (freely) before you can love fully. 

It’s mundane, you know, when that spontaneity, joy, zest, this wild child spirit begins to die. Do you know what I mean? That’s your true self corroding in any role you choose to drape over your true identity. Don’t conceal your sense of purpose with complacency & comfort. You’ve got to embrace the discomfort & the unknown to grow. Remember when you were a kid, and you would ask why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? That is your freedom, your empowerment. What discouraged you from asking so many questions? That’s your power. Why are you giving your authority away? You have the freedom to question everything. Deconstruct situations down to their essential components. Each circumstance, every brick building your convictions, is a consequence of your free will. And every obstacle in your way is a projection of your unconscious beliefs. 

Discipline—having structure, rules, intention, focus, and perseverance—is the foundation for living a free life. When we have a clear sense of purpose, then we have a rule set. Or another way to say that is: how we act is: based on why we’re doing it in the first place. Intention regulates what we do in any given situation. Whether we are unconsciously reacting or consciously responding, it’s imperative not to become victims of reactions, emotions or cruelty. Life is a container, a limitation that divides everything possible from what is tangible. It’s a moment-to-moment Tupperware container. But we are beyond boxes, houses, cars, phones, caskets; life & death are momentary, and they’re a two-for-one package deal. And it’s the same with freedom & imprisonment.

If you're: not focused on making use of your potential, then you're squandering it.

We have media programming: television shows, movies, the news, social media, etc., trying to convince us of what we are and how we should feel. It’s emotional manipulation, mind games, a threat to our peace, and speaking to our shadow’s tendency to sabotage ourselves. We are not related to the images we perceive; they are irrelevant. I recommend spending more time looking inward and utilizing those often neglected imaginations. Visualize beauty within to manifest it without.

We can eliminate any negative belief through our powerful intent. The most significant thing that we must overcome to live freely is our blind spots, our ignorance. Because although acknowledging our shortcomings at first maybe be uncomfortable, eventually, it will lead to feeling content within ourselves.

We must allow our creativity to manifest outside of our birth-given circumstances. 

Expectations are the opposite of spontaneity and freedom. When we have expectations, they impede our acceptance of new events and our willingness to be fluent. They’re not necessarily all bad, though. It can be good to assume positive things are coming your way. Another word for that is hope or even enthusiasm. But hope has the bittersweet tendency of setting us up for upsets & disappointment. And suppose the expectation is: directed towards another person. In that case, it’s like you have this agreement that they know nothing about because it’s all inside your mind. When you’re projecting opinions onto others, it’s like putting a beautiful, majestic bird in a tiny cage. 

Parents expect their children to become doctors, and spouses expect their partners to change according to their beliefs. But those expectations are like prison bars for your loved ones. Expecting someone else to conform to your views is a highly detrimental form of entitlement. In a lot of ways, mediation is a way for two or more people to meditate together. Meditation is finding peace within yourself, and mediation is finding peace in any relationship or group. We need to tear through these expectations, transmuting them into their essence. What is their root cause? Why are you projecting your issues onto others? It’s time to liberate our creative energy and get back to having healthy relationships with ourselves and others. 

Love can be highly toxic if there are crippling expectations and absolutely no compromise.  

My travels to India enlightened me with the revelation that Indians possess an almost superhuman level of humility. When you’re humble, you don’t want to be in anyone’s way, including your own. And that opens up doors for you. An entitled person asks, “Why me?” While a humble person asks, “How can I be of service? “What’s the most benevolent thing to do right now?” That creates space for new things to enter your life.

Humility leads to growth because entitled people are afraid to be proven wrong or look foolish in front of others. The root word for human and humility is the same: humus as in soil. It reminds us that the journey of being a human is humbling, grounding, and sometimes dirty. We must put our pride aside and subdue our egos. Then we can finally pay attention to what our bodies truly need. When you have a healthy mind, it’s going to be: reflected as a healthy body. And that’s the proof of the interconnectedness of the universe. Everything is connected, everything is one, and the truth is: hidden in our blind spots. So it’s all about being open to what we’re neglecting right now—being available for the subtle nudges that guide us through our everyday life. Ignoring the apparent detours of outside distractions will aid us in raising our awareness, which ultimately grants us further freedom.

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