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Letting Go of The Need for Praise

Ultimately, do what makes you the most joyful because that will have a ripple effect throughout your life.

In childhood, we are vibrant and detached. Most children play as much as their tiny hearts desire. No one is stopping them from following their joy, as long as they’re safe and not hurting anyone. We did our artwork, danced, sang, and received praise & encouragement from our parents. Yet somewhere along the line, that all began to change, and as an adult, if you’re waiting for that same old recognition & support, well, I wouldn’t hold my breath. That once unstoppable, flowing, and bursting river of creativity has its way of getting choppy and eventually coming in small doses. We call it our muse, and many artists spend their lives chasing those slippery fish.

Think of it like positive dominoes—each one leading to exciting and more beneficial experiences than you've ever imagined.

It doesn’t help that most of the systems reinforce the dehydration of our creative rivers. We begin to receive praise for the things that require us to abandon our dreams, as we’re encouraged to stop being an individual and to become institutionalized. That way, we’re easier to manage. But our imaginations are underutilized and collect cobwebs in the shadows of our minds. It takes courage to shine your light. And there are some lucky ones, born into ideal lives. Maybe coasted into roles where imaginations are: rewarded, praised & encouraged, but let’s face it, compared to everything else going on, those positions are rare. The average Jane & Joe are experiencing the confinement of mediocrity. You know it, you’ve seen it, at least, if you’ve hadn’t experienced it yourself: the office job—The cubicle, the monotony, repetition, traffic jams, harping bosses, envy amongst coworkers, gossip, rumours, angst, tension and existential crises. Of course, you need to take the edge off when your entire life is craving after-work hours, weekends and vacations.

If there's anything that you have wanted to do, start doing it now. Whether it's everything you hoped it would be or a bittersweet disappointment, it will be an emotional release.

Sometimes we as artists, creatives & creators procrastinate. Sometimes we don’t follow through with our big, glorious dreams. But we are responsible for putting in the work, for building the foundations that facilitate our specific requests. So many people were coddled and mesmerized into failure. But I want you to understand that failure doesn’t exist—everything that happens is: success. But without goals, purpose, intention, planning, there is no way to measure that success. You need to know what you want. So many of us out there are sabotaging ourselves, unconsciously creating our lives from a place of self-neglect & fear. I was hoping you could wake up and heed this message. We need to stop waiting for praise, encouragement, & permission. It’s high time we do the things that bring us joy right now. Don’t we all need more enjoyment in our lives?

Once we let go of the past, we begin the renewal process.

When you respect yourself, that vibration is there in everything you do. It’s like a beacon to the world that you’re wholeheartedly involved in your life. When we take care of ourselves and balance everything outside of us with our inner worlds, that’s when we’re ready to receive new opportunities. That’s when the universe opens doors to test our maturity further. Just remember to do those things which set your heart free. Do the things that help you serve others to the greatest of your ability. Because when we show up in this fashion while asking ourselves, “What do I want to do?” “What benefits me the most?” What’s holding me back from doing that?” That connects us with our inner knowing. That helps us to clear out blockages & prisons bars. Those prison bars, by the way, are our blind spots. They’re the shadow stripes across our perceptions, altering the overall truth, and that’s why there’s a difference between intention & interpretation.  

And when we allow our essence to flow, our bodies, minds, peace, beauty & creativity thrive.

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