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The Sensational 8 ∞ Day 1 (Sensational Circuits)

Get ready to PUNCH x60. Keep your hands up, and drive forward from the rear foot. Grab either dumbbells or a barbell with a SUPINATED (underhand) grip. Make sure the weight is heavy enough that BENT-OVER ROW x8 is challenging. You are now grabbing a pair of dumbbells at a LIGHTER WEIGHT—complete BENT-OVER ROW x20 with a NEUTRAL GRIP. Drop the weight, and enter a RAG DOLL pose for 3-5 breaths, gently swaying from side to side.

FRONT KICK x20, then DEADLIFT with either a pair of dumbbells or a barbell heavy enough to make x8 difficult. Straight away, enter ALTERNATING WARRIOR III. Pivoting forward from your hips, embrace the stretch in your hamstrings as you engage your posterior chain. Into a GARLAND, allow your tension to melt away into the mat.

SLAM a MEDICINE BALL or a dumbbell x12. You can always hold on to the BALL for an extra fast muscle twitch activation in your lower back, abdominals, arms and shoulders. You can complete DUMBBELL PULLOVERS on the floor, bench, or even an exercise ball. Allow the weight to stretch your lats before enlisting them to pull the weight up perpendicular to your sternum. Transition into a plank on your elbows and BODY SAW back and forth, paying attention to your toes. Your core is engaged and you\’re keeping your hips from sagging. Flip over into HAPPY BABY, enjoy 3-5 long breaths.

CRAB WALK can be tricky. This is a great pose to help us reconnect with our inner child. Fingers pointing out our sides, we come up into a reverse table. Keep your hips up and equal height with your knees. SHRUGS are simple but don\’t move your neck and maintain a straight spine. With only x8 for such a short range of motion, ensure the weight you selected is suitable. You can use either dumbbells or a barbell. Sit down on a CHAIR and step forward until you squat in front of it. Lower your body down, and raise it by using your tricep muscles. You can use a towel for TRICEP STRETCH, or if you can reach it, use your hands. Keep the spine straight, ensuring there\’s space between your shoulders and ears.

Take as much time as needed for rest between circuits. We recommend 45 seconds as ideal and 120 seconds as the maximum. Repeat 3-5 times for best results.

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