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The Sensational 8 ∞ Day 2 (HappyWorks)






And that’s why it “Works.”

HappyWorks is more than a good workout. It’s a way of celebrating life and having some fun. So let’s keep that in mind as we dance, stretch, and challenge ourselves today!

Put on some of your favourite music and DANCE x1MIN. Then we’ll follow up your original dance moves with traditional BURPEES x5. It’s up to you if you want to add some extra flair, but the standard jump out to plank, push-up, hop to squat, + jump is excellent as is. JUMPING JACKS x30, try clapping over your head for a little added excitement. Wind down in a GARLAND pose, relax for 3-5 BREATHS.

Bring that heart rate back up with your favourite DANCE moves! Enter BODYWEIGHT SQUATS and complete x15 full ranges of motion, emphasizing bringing your glutes as close to the floor as possible and thrusting forward at the top, and squeezing your glutes. Remember to keep your heel planted through the entire exercise. Try your best to not come up on the balls of your feet. Now, HOP FORWARD & BACK x10. Use your arms for extra momentum. Remember, you’re hopping from standing still. Enter the BIRD DOG pose and hold it for x3-5 BREATHS on each side. You are doing your best to calm your heart rate here.

Come on time to DANCE again! Now, let’s SQUAT JUMP; remember your entire range of motion. Don’t sell yourself short. Drop the glutes as low as you can. For ICE SKATERS, we’re jumping side to side. The leg comes behind and crosses our other leg but doesn’t touch the floor. Enter a LOW LUNGE and TWIST by reaching over your lunging leg. With the right hand, grab the left foot and vice versa. Allow your psoas muscle to loosen as you relax.

DANCE time for x1MIN; make it count! For INCH WORM x10, we’re crawling out to a plank and crawling back to forward fold. Ensure your back is flat and your hips aren’t sagging. HIGH KNEES x30, the core is engaged, using your arm in unison with the opposite leg. Elbows are 90° and tight to your body. Rest in the SUPINE HAMSTRING STRETCH. Grab a towel, band or even an old tie. Try your best to main a straight leg; square your shoulders and keep them on the mat.  

Please don’t take any breaks between the exercises. This circuit is most effective when it’s constant and the music is good! Upon completing the last movement: SUPINE HAMSTRING STRETCH, you can continue dancing (active rest) or anything else you prefer (child’s pose is a great option!). Take a rest for as long as you need between circuits, although we recommend 45 SEC to 2MIN.        


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