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The Sensational 8 ∞ Day 3 (Dance Stance Strong)

When entering a yoga pose from dancing, you may find it challenging to find stillness. We intend it this way. We are cultivating patience & detachment.

We’re transitioning from motionlessness to gentle movement in synchronization with our breath from each yoga posture to the dynamic stretches.

We’re going to do each movement for 1 minute. Use a timer to switch sides at the 30-second mark for unilateral yoga poses (i.e., half squat pose, half wind relieving pose)—alternate sides with each rep for the unilateral dynamic stretches and the unilateral exercises. Listen to your body, and do what it needs.

If a timer is unavailable to you, or you prefer not to use one, you can count 60 steps for the DANCE / FREE MOVEMENT, 3-5 breaths for the yoga poses, 20 reps for the dynamic stretches, and 20 reps for the exercises.

Try your best to breathe through your nose; if at any point you breathe through your mouth, relax and take an active rest. Otherwise, we will flow from exercise to exercise in a regular circuit fashion.

If you don’t have a kettlebell, then use a dumbbell.

For BUTTERFLY FLAP, we’re gently resting our forearms on our inner thighs and using the weight of our torso as natural resistance against the lifting of our knees (i.e., adduction).

Pace yourself with the jump squats to last the entire minute.

Get yourself flowing like water again. This circuit is perfect for those who have a job that requires sitting for more than they like. We’re undoing the effects of excessive sitting as we shake, shake, shake off that sedentary detriment. This workout makes you feel more comfortable in your skin.

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