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The Sensational 8 ∞ Day 5 (Movement Is Medicine)

Warm-up (how you prefer)

 e.g., dancing, jumping jacks, or even performing the circuit at a lower intensity.

Start with shoulder circles (arms out) and rotate your shoulders forward by drawing small circles with your hands. 20 circles is a good amount. We’ll continue by reversing the direction and completing another 20 circles.

We’ll perform the Y-press for 10 reps. It is almost identical to the shoulder press, but we’re extending our arms outward, imitating the letter “Y.”

Next, we do 12-15 lateral raises. I recommend lowering the weight of the dumbbells used for Y-press. Around half the weight should suffice, i.e., if you used 20lbs for the Y-press, then use 10lbs for lateral raises.

In eagle pose, we’ll take 5 breaths on each side.

Place your hands on your hips and rotate clockwise 20 times and counter-clockwise 20 times.

We recommend carrying on with 20 kettlebell swings.

We’ll do 20 reps for supine straight leg adduction, allowing gravity to pull your legs apart and squeezing them together at the pinnacle of the movement.

Another 5 breaths while in straddle stretch (legs up the wall).

Now we’re rolling our shoulders (similar to shrugging) forward for 20 and reverse for 20.

For 12-15 reps, let’s upright row our kettlebell (or dumbbells).

Keep your arms straight for the straight-arm dips. These aren’t your regular triceps dips. Raise and lower your body with your trapezius muscles by not bending your elbows. Shoot for 12-15 reps.

We’re enjoying 5 breaths on each side of cow face pose.

Next, we’re completing 10 reps clockwise and 10 reps counter-clockwise for our hip circles (knees come up). Remember, these a very different from the previous hip circles (at the waist). With this movement, we’re drawing circles with our knees.

Moving on to hip band duck walks, which we’ll perform 20 times. Try your best to stay low the entire time.

Let’s do 15 reps on each leg for side leg raises.

We’ll take 5 breaths while in each side of pigeon pose.

It’s up to you how many times you repeat this circuit, listen to your body, and give it what it needs!

Take a rest as required between circuits. However, we recommend maintaining a consistent pace between exercises and circuits.
Enjoy 5-15 minutes of dynamic stretching and various yoga postures for your cool down.

tl;dr version

  1. shoulder circles (arms out) x 20 clockwise & x 20 counter-clockwise
  2. Y-press x 10
  3. lateral raises x1 2-15
  4. eagle pose x 5 breaths per side
  5. hip circles (at the waist) x 20 clockwise & x 20 counter-clockwise
  6. kettlebell swings x 12-15
  7. supine straight leg adduction x 20
  8. straddle stretch (legs up the wall) x 5 breaths
  9. shoulder circles (trapezius only) x 20 frontwards & x 20 backwards
  10. kettlebell upright row x 12-15
  11. straight-arm dips x 12-15
  12. cow-face pose x 5 breaths per side
  13. hip circles (knees come up) x 10 clockwise & x 10 counter-clockwise per leg
  14. hip band duck walks x 20 total
  15. side leg raises x 15 per side
  16. pigeon pose x 5 breaths per side


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