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The Sensational 8 ∞ Day 7 (Happy Punch!)

DANCE for either 1 MINUTE or 60 steps. Then, without skipping a beat, complete the circuit. DUMBBELL PUNCH x20, trying your best to keep your wrists at eyebrow level. Then when doing BACK KICKS x20 (10 on each leg), focus on an imaginary spot behind you to kick, either low or high. It\’s essential to do things according to the current conditioning of your body. Then make your way into STANDING DUMBBELL TWIST. Ensure that you\’re nice and loose here, twisting deeper each time. As you exhale, bring your navel in towards your spine. Start from 30 total; if it\’s easy for you, try 30 per side. 

Do the same thing as before, DANCE for either 1 MINUTE or 60 steps. Then move on to BATTLE ROPES. If you don\’t have any, then use the appropriate dumbbells. Carry on with ELBOW-TO-KNEE x20. Remember to bring your elbows to your knees via your abdominal muscles. Don\’t do this exercise halfheartedly. Engage your core! Now reach out like a 5-point star. Crossing your left arm over your right arm and your right leg over your left leg, return to the beginning 5-point star, and then alternate with the right arm over left, left leg over the right. Emphasize being dynamic as possible!

DANCE for either 1 MINUTE or 60 steps. Grab your MEDICINE BALL or a dumbbell, and get into a sit-up position. Put the weight down and get ready for some BICYCLE KICKS, again bringing the right elbow to the left knee, and vice versa using your core. It\’s up to you whether to keep one leg straight as you \”peddle\” your imaginary bike. Finish up your 20 and carry on with WINDSHIELD WIPERS. Try your best to keep your spine neutral and your hips stacked on top of each other. 

DANCE for either 1 MINUTE or 60 steps. Get into a tabletop pose, and DONKEY KICK x10. However you do it the first time, I expect that same quality all x10. Extend one arm and the opposite leg from the tabletop pose to enter the BIRD DOG exercise. Save your wrists by applying pressure equally through your fingertips. Also, ensure your wrist, elbow, and shoulder are stacked. Now transition from tabletop to plank to chaturanga. From your PRONE position, elevate your feet off the ground. Take proper precautions before dropping your feet side-to-side. Ensure your core is engaged, flex your feet to protect your knees, and your hips + lower back are ready for this motion. If you haven\’t done it before, please watch a tutorial video on doing this exercise. 

Take as much time as needed for rest between circuits. We recommend 45 seconds as ideal and 120 seconds as the maximum. Repeat 3-5 times for best results. 

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