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The Sensational 8 ∞ Day 8 (Dragonfly Yoga)

Begin with any warm-up you like, such as a few sun salutations.
This flow is pretty straightforward. Imbue it with your creative transitions. This sequence gives you a foundation for your practice, so make it your own!

Realign with your authority in MOUNTAIN POSE. Big toes together, heels apart. As you breathe, focus on the spine. Take as many breaths as you need in each of the following poses. Coming into TREE POSE, make sure your hips stay square. When transitioning to COBRA, listen to the flow that your body requires. Raise yourself with your posterior chain rather than pushing with your arms. Take a break in CROCODILE POSE, allow all of your body’s weight to sink into your mat.

Push up in a plank, and hop through to seated. BUTTERLY is great for opening the hips. I love to apply the natural weight of my upper body by resting my elbows on my inner thigh.

The essential pose in every DRAGONFLY YOGA is SAVASANA. The entire purpose of every one of its sequences is to relax you and accommodate your creative visualization.


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