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TS8 ∞ Day 11 (Dance Stance Strong)

We’re going to do five supersets of three exercises for this workout.

Each superset includes about 1 min of Dance / Free Movement, a yoga pose that we’ll hold for 3-5 breaths (per side), and a weighted exercise. We recommend completing each superset at least three times before moving on to the next superset.

When we Dance or do our Free Movement, we let loose and physically express ourselves. It’s imperative for getting the most out of this workout that we don’t judge ourselves and flow in the moment. And yes, free movement means you can do anything you want! It can be yoga, running, burpees, whatever you want! But of course, keep moving.  

Also, understand that all reps & sets are merely our suggestions.

Feel free to increase or decrease to suit your needs! Regarding the rest between supersets, it’s your choice whether or not to jump right back into it or take a break. We recommend going from the weighted exercise to the Dance / Free Movement exercise right away. 

1a. Dance / Free Movement x 1 min

1b. Warrior 2 x 3-5 breaths

1c. Dumbbell Punches* x20 reps / arm 

(Repeat superset three times)

*(1c.) Use a weight that is light for you. Do 20 reps, alternating punches with each fist, then switch your rear planted foot and do another 20 alternating reps (40 total, 20 / arm). Switching your back foot ensures your development is balanced.   

2a. Dance / Free Movement x 1 min

2b. Upward Salute x 3-5 breaths

2c. Ball Slam* x 10 reps

(Repeat superset three times)

*(2c.)As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to slam it. But of course, if you can, and you have the right area, go for it! And you can use anything manageable if you don’t have a medicine ball. Dumbbells work great!

3a. Dance / Free Movement x 1 min

3b. Wrist Stretch [*] x 3-5 breaths (per side)

3c. Plyo Wall Push-Up* x 15 reps

(Repeat superset three times)

[*](3b.) Feel free to do some wrist circles too!

*(3c.) Remember when performing Plyo Wall Push-Ups, our hands come off the wall. We’re explosively pushing the wall, and from that momentum, we should be rocking back & forth from leaning forward to standing upright. 

4a. Dance / Free Movement x 1 min

4b. Bow Pose x 3-5 breaths

4c. Bench Press* x 8-10 reps (heavy)

(Repeat superset three times)

*(4c.) Although traditionally done with a barbell, there are many ways to accomplish Bench Press. Utilize whatever equipment is available to you. To save space in our home, we use resistance bands in combination with a door anchor system rather than a bench. Dumbbells are always a great option as well. Whatever you end up using, make sure it’s enough resistance, where you can only do 8-10 reps!  

5a. Dance / Free Movement x 1 min

5b. Cow Face Arms x 3-5 breaths (per side)

5c. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension* x 8-10 reps

(Repeat superset three times)

*(5c.) Keep your elbows by your ears, and ensure that you’re not moving your shoulders or your wrists. Create enough space so that a dumbbell can fit behind your trapezius and neck. The eccentric portion of this exercise should cause a warming, stretching sensation in the back of your arms, but it should never feel sharp or painful. If you at any point feel discomfort in your elbow, replace this exercise with Triceps Kickbacks. 

6. Savasana x as long as needed

Make this Savasana count. Feel good about all the work you put into your body today. Enjoy it. 

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