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TS8 ∞ Day 12 (Happyogis)

Before we begin, let’s set an intention to connect with our inner child and be flexible on all levels. Let’s welcome & cherish enthusiasm and curiosity into life. In the flow of joy, we will have amazing epiphanies and breakthroughs. 

Let’s begin with our favourite pranayama in mountain pose. We recommend Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana Pranayama). The duration is up to you; a few minutes should suffice.

1. Sun Salutations

Repeat 4 times.

It’s easy to take this famous sequence for granted and to rush through it. But let’s ensure we’re moving according to our breath and that we’re patient. 

2. Calf Raises

x 16 reps (3 sets)

in between sets, perform a sun salutation

From standing, come up onto the balls of your feet. And if you can on to your tiptoes. Simultaneously, as you come up, reach up, extending your fingers to the sky.  

3. Seated Leg Cradle: Ankle Rotations

x 8 circles clockwise and 8 circles counterclockwise on both ankles   

We grab our foot with the opposite hand from the Seated Leg Cradle position, i.e., the left-hand grabs the right foot. We’re rotating our ankles by drawing circles without big toes.

4. Staff Pose

x 8 breaths

We are finding flexibility in our ankles while in Staff Pose. Point your toes outwards and then towards your shins, find the movement you need. Feel free to carry on making circles with your big toes. 

5. Cat-Cow Pose

x 8 breaths

6. Band Rows

x 24 reps

Accomplish the reps at your own pace, i.e., 3 sets of 8 reps or all at once. 

From Staff Pose, we’re placing a band under our feet (within the arches). As we inhale, we’re bringing our elbows behind us using our back muscles; a slight arch in your back is standard. Exhale and release, inhale and repeat.  

7. Roll Out Back

Repeat to the extent necessary.

From Wind Relieving Pose, give yourself a big hug. Not begin gently rocking until you gain enough momentum to go from touching your feet to the mat to having your weight on your shoulders. 

8. Child’s Pose

Relaxing for however long feels right. 

Once we feel we’ve had enough stillness, let’s massage our temples by gently turning our heads side-to-side on the mat. 

9. Easy Pose: Draw Circles With Nose

x 8 circles clockwise and 8 circles counterclockwise

Enter Easy Pose and close your eyes. Leading with your nose, imagine drawing a perfect circle. Working with our breath, as we point our nose upwards, we’re inhaling and exhaling as we look down. Slow & steady wins the race!  

10. Prone Neck Bridge

x 4 breaths

Re-entering Child’s Pose, we slowly added our body weight to our head. Coming up onto our knees for more pressure. Taking our knees off the mat is the most challenging version of this pose.

11. Easy Pose: Turn Head Side-To-Side

x 8 breaths

While in Easy Pose, we inhale and exhale to turn our head sideways. For an extra challenge, focus your eyes on a point in front of you throughout the entire movement. This will help to stretch your eye muscles. 

12. Thread The Needle

Enjoy for as long as required.

From Table Top Pose, inhale your right arm up towards the sky. Exhale and reach across your chest, through your left arm and leg, coming down onto your right shoulder. Allow your left arm to lengthen, and pay comfortably above your head. Ensure your hips are neutral and that you’re not applying pressure to your head. Repeat on the opposite side.  

13. Walking Lunge

x 8 reps / leg

14. Side Lunge

x 8 reps / leg 

15. Bridge: Hip Circles

x 8 circles clockwise and 8 circles counterclockwise

While in Bridge Pose, we’re inhaling our hips around + upward, exhaling around + downward. As we increase the backbend, it’s essential to inhale for maximum flexibility. 

16. Shoulder Stand, Plough Pose, Savasana

Take as long as needed in each pose.

As you sink into Savasana, envision your inner child. Imagine them at their most vulnerable, when they felt the most in need of something outside of themselves. Now hug them. Nurture them. Give yourself the knowing that you have your own back!   

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