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TS8 ∞ Day 15 (Happy Punch!)

Warm-up with some form of cardio, e.g., running on the spot, doing jumping jacks, dancing, etc. Please spend some time loosening up your wrists, ensuring they can accommodate your body weight.  

Repeat these 8 movements 3-5 times for optimal results. But ultimately, listen to your body if you need more or less. Think of this as a soft structure to inspire your best self.  

1) 24 Jumping Jacks

2) 16 Bicycle Crunches

3) 8 Garland Pose Jumps To Plank

4) 12 Reverse Crunches

5) 8 Goblet Squats

6) 8 Bench Presses (On The Mat)

7) 8 Jefferson Curls

8) 16 Windmills

Do the following eight movements as a cool-down. Perform them with gentleness & appreciation for life to cultivate more self-love.  

9) 4 Striking Cobras

10) Downward-Facing Dog for 8 Breaths

11) Upward-Facing Dog for 8 Breaths

12) Side Plank for 4 Breaths Per Side

13) Go outside, and get some fresh air.

14) Walk or Bike Ride

15) Have some fresh fruit or a smoothie.

16) Savasana for as long as you need. 


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