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TS8 ∞ Day 23 (Happy Punch!)

1 minute of free movement

do whatever you want

1 minute of yoga

stay true to form

1 minute of dynamic movement

be expressive, explosive and have a full range of motion!



You will need:

  • yoga mat
  • medium-weight dumbbells
  • flexibility
  • lightweight dumbbells
  • macebell (but not necessary)


1) Free Movement

2) Bow Pose

3) Bicycle Crunch

Repeat three times.


4) Free Movement

5) Boat Pose

6) Bent-Over Row

Repeat three times.



7) Free Movement

8) Pigeon Pose

9) Roundhouse Kick

Repeat three times.


10) Free Movement

11) Eagle Pose

12) High Dumbbell Punches

Repeat three times.



13) Free Movement

14) Reclined Big Toe Twist

15) Grave Diggers

You probably don’t have a macebell, but if you do, use it. Hold a macebell, sledgehammer, dumbbell, or kettlebell like a shovel. Pretend you are digging. Switch sides with each movement to guarantee that you’re working out balanced and getting each side equally. 


Repeat three times.



16) Savasana

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