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TS8 ∞ Day 33 (Sensational Circuits)

Areas of Focus:

Ribs (Intercostal muscles, Diaphragm)


Abdominals (Serratus, Rectus Abdominus Upper + Lower, Obliques) 




Today we will have two circuits of 8 exercises, 16 total. Do as many reps as possible. Complete each circuit as many times as required—we recommend at least twice. Finish the first circuit before moving on to the second circuit. Take rest as needed—we recommend active recovery like walking, dancing, free movement, etc. 


Things you will need:

  • stability ball (if not just do on floor or bench)
  • yoga/exercise mat
  • medium-light dumbbells (or whatever resistance you have)




Circuit A


1a) Standing Elbow-to-Knee Crunch

2a) Upward-Facing Dog 

3a) Hollow Body Crunches

4a) Dumbbell Pullover

5a) Gate Pose Flow

6a) Reverse Warrior Flow

7a) Flutter Kicks

8a) Windshield Wipers 



Circuit B


1b) Mountain Climbers

2b) Side Plank

3b) Russian Twists

4b) Weighted Stability Ball Crunch

5b) Chair Pose Prayer Twist Flow

6b) Jump Squats

7b) Reverse Crunches

8b) Wheel Pose (on stability ball) 




take the time to relax & visualize what you want 

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