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TS8 ∞ Day 35 (Dance Stance Strong)

Today’s Affirmation:

I am open to receiving the possibilities of the universe.”  

Areas of Focus:

  • Clavicle (collarbone)
  • Deltoids (anterior + lateral deltoid)
  • Chest (pectoralis major + minor, clavicular head, sternocostal head) 
  • Neck (sternocleidomastoid, sternohyoid)



The Structure

a) dance or free movement x 1 minute

b) hold a yoga pose x 1 minute (switch sides at 30 seconds if unilateral)

c) lift lightweight x 1 minute (alternating each rep if unilateral)

Repeat each set of Dance, Stance, Strong thrice

For example:

[a) dance x 1 min (b) yoga x 1 min (c) lift x 1 min] x 3 sets


Things you will need:

  • stability ball (if not perform exercises on the floor)
  • light dumbbells
  • yoga mat
  • your favourite music

We are performing the exercises for 1 minute straight and encouraging hypertrophy. For optimum results, choose a lightweight, as we will be doing a higher than average amount of reps. 

There will be five sets of Dance Stance Strong as follows: 


Dance Stance Strong

1a) Dance / Free Movement

1b) Eagle Pose

1c) Standing Arnold Press

2a) Dance / Free Movement

2b) Downward-Facing Dog

2c) Stability Ball Incline Chest Press 

3a) Dance / Free Movement

3b) Easy Pose: Neck Stretch

3c) Lateral Raise

4a) Dance / Free Movement

4b) Thread the Needle Pose

4c) Front Deltoid Raise

5a) Dance / Free Movement

5b) Warrior 1 

5c) Stability Ball Dumbbell Flyes 



After completing the 5 Dance Stance Strong sets three times, please enjoy a well earned Savasana 🙂

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