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Home » Blog » TS8 ∞ Day 37 (Movement Is Medicine) – [Cloned #10364]

TS8 ∞ Day 37 (Movement Is Medicine) – [Cloned #10364]

Today’s Affirmation:

We are letting go of all tension because we are exceptional.   



The first four movements are to warm up and release any tension in our upper back + shoulders + neck. The second four exercises are to strengthen our upper + mid-back muscles and our shoulders. The third four exercises are plyometric movement, which are meant to be done fast, and explosively. Be dynamic and discover new ranges of motion.   

*you can perform the straight-arm dips on a chair and utilize a second chair to keep one or both feet off the floor. You can choose to do this movement wherever you prefer to do to standard triceps dips.


Areas of Focus:


Levator Scapulae


Rhomboid Major + Minor

Rotator Cuff Muscles

Rear Deltoids


Things You Will Need:

  • foam roller or (massage) ball
  • yoga mat
  • resistance bands
  • chair(s)*



1a) Mountain Pose Prayer Hands – Prayer Hands Behind Head Flow

1b) Scapula + Trapezius + Rhomboids Roller

1c) Seated Dynamic Neck Stretching 

1d) Cow Face Pose 


2a) Face Pull

2b) Shrugs

2c) Rear Deltoid Raises

2d) Straight-Arm Dips


3a) Ball Slam

3b) Plyometric Back Hand

3c) Jumping Jack

3d) Backward Ball Throw


4b) Downward-Facing Dog – Plank Flow

4a) Seated Reverse Prayer Hands

4c) Eagle Pose

4d) Marichyasana C


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