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It all started with...

An intention

to help everyone SHINE THEIR LIGHT

Despite the undesired incidents of life, Valorine intended to encourage other people’s creativity as well as her own. Rather than focusing on any loss, setback, failure, or excuse, she began a mission of connecting people with their empowerment. From these nascent stages of nuanced wishing and blatant refusal to follow the beaten path, it would be a couple of years before Sensational Power would get its name. But when the time was right, it became clear as day that this wasn’t any ordinary fitness company.    

One thing remained crucial in Sensational Power’s purpose: to support creative self-expression and all performing artists. Throughout history, we have witnessed many creative geniuses thrive as well as spiral out of control. Having had a taste of their Sensational Power was mind-expanding, but somewhere along the line, an inability to harness it resulted in searing frustration. We have seen this time and time again. But what is the secret to unlocking the next level of wellness? And how does reaching this pinnacle of physical excellence translate to creativity? 

intuition is the key to unlocking your next level of wellness

We are dedicated to the encouragement of our members' health & wholeness.

Sensational Power has four governing values

“The encouragement of others is benevolent.”


“Be true to yourself, and loyalty follows.”


“Let’s have a beneficial conversation.”


“Prosperity is here and now.”

who are we?

We are encouragers of your best self

Without a healthy body, your dreams + aspirations are less likely to manifest. Throughout the centuries, people have yearned for many things at the expense of what is far more valuable. We’ve seen artists sacrifice their wellness in exchange for pandering to consumers. We’ve watched as encumbered students drag their feet down uninspiring paths that diverge from their passions, dreams & purpose. Reading these thoughts now may bring discomfort, but know that leaving your comfort zone is necessary to enter the flow of abundance, health & prosperity.

Artists need to be honest with themselves as they process their emotions, but so do athletes. Any person, regardless of label should treat their physical self with the same reverence as a professional athlete. The truth is you are not just an athlete, philosopher, artist, or whatever you believe yourself to be; you are the creator of your life.

Beyond instructing dance, fitness & yoga

Valorine Melani

Music, singing, and dance were major ways Valorine could connect with others from an early age. Whether expressing her own sentiments or celebrating her culture, it was apparent that there was a link between art and overall wellbeing. Performance of any nature is the display of mind, body, emotions, beliefs and creativity in an aimed harmony. From boisterous Superbowls to the sedated solo of a violin, every performance requires discipline. This notion involving the importance of creativity and its role in health would provide the foundation for Sensational Power.

As mentioned earlier, despite undesired incidents, one must proceed unhindered, returning to the plate ready to swing again. Strikes are momentary, but it is our choices and reactions that could potentially create longer-lasting problems. And that is why Valorine set out to make Sensational Power a solution for all, not just artists, performers, or athletes, but anyone who is: prepared to unlock their next level of wellness.


Sensational Power is your manifestable creativity

We are building a community of like-minded and loyal individuals to help support one another.

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Who Is Valorine?

She is nurturing your intuition


What is intuition? And how does it affect our health? In today’s tradition of being fed information rather than producing our own breakthroughs or trusting our own inner knowing, we see that the insightful are a creative minority. Inspired by her own brazen differences, Valorine serves the ones struggling in their journeys. Able to draw from her own experiences & compassion, she utilizes her versatile background (including instructing dance + fitness + yoga, public speaking, singing, acting, and much more) to assist anyone willing to unearth their own sensational power.

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From Wrestling Others to Resting Within

Jason Berdan

It had always come naturally to Jason, the ability to out-manoeuvre in a wrestling match. While the competition focused on rigid aggression, and predictable techniques, he employed a contrasting approach: to be flexible yet immovable, this was: surmised by the mantra: “lengthening is strengthening.” There was a clear distinction between struggling to lift three hundred pounds and controlling two hundred pounds within a full range of motion. And that’s where what would eventually be his contribution to Sensational Power first emerged as a nascent dissatisfaction.

Competition disrupts creativity, and to be someone’s opponent is to be dishonest with your true self. He wouldn’t entertain conflicting thoughts beyond High School, as new interest would arise in the form of Strength Training. It presented several advantages over rivalrous athleticism. It was independent and focused on improving oneself, only comparing yourself to who you were—always attempting to increase strength, power and endurance. He began to become better by observing his fellow gym-goers’ methods and through the succession of trial & error. After all, that is the goal any lifter hopes to achieve.

By maintaining our health, we save time, money & creativity

This goes without saying, but we can't emphasize it enough.

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Who Is Jason?

he is helping to restore your balance

After nearly a decade of recreational exercise, Jason begins a career as a personal trainer. It’s not long until he draws parallels to his old wrestling days. The competition returns in the form of the other Personal Trainers. The industry is counterproductive to what everyone should prioritize: health. The urge to move and be active in a natural world is: replaced by informercial-driven insecurity. Their disconnect with their actual needs expands, and they begin to rely on a toxic regime. Protein shakes replace wholesome plants, and noxious opinions replace unprocessed intuition. There is a paradox of seeking to be healthy and fit when it costs you your peace of mind. Time has its way of embellishing all imbalances into chasms of neglect. Now it is up to us to build bridges between our consciousness and truth.

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your best relationship with yourself in motion

Prosperous movement

We trek through this world to “find ourselves,” but unbeknownst to the seekers, the pathway of self-discovery is within. We must first show ourselves compassion, enduring a patient detection of our innermost nuanced happenings.        

Prosperous movement is all about learning to dance with truth, moving without any obligation or belief, and having complete trust in what comes naturally. If you don’t feel like pushing yourself today, why would you? If you would prefer a little more intensity than just yoga, then make each practice your own. That’s ultimately what it’s about, but also what makes it so challenging to implement as a class.

Nevertheless, that is the service we provide for you. We are not interested in spoonfeeding you cookie-cutter workouts; We are helping you to establish a bond with your true self. We’ll be honest with you every step of the way. All we ask for in return is for you to be honest with yourself too. 

When you're benevolent everything just has a way of working out

Through taking care of our bodies we can afford to explore new aspects of reality. 

and that's why we do what we do
intuitive physical fitness

encourages health & wholeness

Sensational Programming

has the foundation of our loyalty to you

Creative Renewal

grants us the opportunity to have great conversations

Prosperous Movement

helps us reach prosperity together 

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