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Recommended Equipment

1. Yoga Mat

When selecting a yoga mat, it’s crucial to know what you’re practicing. The Sensational 8 is dynamic, and that requires a versatile yoga mat. We recommend more than the standard 3mm. We spend a lot of time on our knees and get the most out of our mats. Look for 5mm+ but bear in mind that it can make it harder to balance if it’s too cushiony. 5mm-7mm should be ideal. If you need an extra cushion for your knees, you can invest in knee pads.        

2. Yoga Block(s)

One or two basic four-inch foam yoga blocks will suffice. 

3. Set of Resistance Bands

4. Hip Bands

5. Tennis Ball

6. Stability Ball

7. Foam Roller

8. Set of Dumbbells

Beneficial Extras

1. Floor Sliders

2. Ab Wheel

3. Medicine Ball

4. Kettlebell

5. Macebell