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What is Sensational Power?

Sensational power exists as a bridge between people and their creativity. We are constantly employing new structures & methods for promoting any person’s best self. Currently, our intuitive practices demonstrate this purpose.

Sensational Power is your manifestable creativity. Being sensational means you have mastered the balance of individuality & coexistence, gaining command over emotions & compassion. A sensational creator has a clear sense of purpose and a steady respect for everyone else’s way of life. This level of empowerment is synonymous with abundance, health & prosperity.

It all began in autumn of 2010 as a way for Valorine to help performing artists thrive. Presently, Sensational Power has progressed and now offers its services to any sensational person.

We offer three membership levels: Classic ($35/mo), Powered ($44/mo), and Buoyant ($53/mo). All three memberships include Intuitive Physical Fitness (The Sensational 8, and live Zoom fitness classes. Powered Membership holders gain access to our Creative Programming (The Singing Circle, Creator’s Cluster.) Buoyant Members also have access to everything mentioned thus far, plus High Five Achievement. We are also excited to announce that you can enjoy personal practices available for $350 per 8 sessions. There will be a variety of sessions to address mental, emotional, and holistic well-being. It will be completely customized to your unique needs.   

Who is Valorine?

Valorine’s experience transcends her education. Although her background began with a traditional route in marketing, she would eventually realize how treacherous a corporate lifestyle could be to our health and creativity. She found replenishment in art, dance, and physical activity—Which inspired her to share her joy with others. For Valorine, surviving is mediocre. We must ask ourselves what we need to do to thrive.

There’s leading by example, and then there’s being of service to others. And that’s what Valorine is doing through Sensational Power. She recognizes that by reverse engineering her health & joy, we can organically replicate the process in the form of Prosperous Movement.  

Valorine has helped countless people over the last decade. We have calculated the official number to be nearly thirteen hundred. It is much higher than that because Valorine always assists others, whether through Sensational Power or in her everyday life. The flow of their progression and the quality of community are two driving factors for Valorine.

She can provide you with the opportunity to be heard and work with you based on your needs at this time. Her goal is to strengthen your independence, and she encourages your confidence in yourself and your creativity.

Who is jason?

Jason’s mission is to help others reach prosperity. And he’s doing that by ensuring the health of Sensational Power’s members—This isn’t just some job to him; this is connected to prosperity & life purpose. This proverb can summarize his philosophy: you can hoard riches, but abundance requires flow.

For many years Jason has had a very open-minded approach toward diets and opinions regarding health. He has practiced many different lifestyles, disciplines, and methods from all over the world. Upon which he has gained an unshakeable understanding of what works, not just for himself but the human body.

His purpose is beyond motivation. He’s not doing this because he’s following a whim or an inclination; he’s helping others to play their part in making the world a better place.

Jason can help you in many ways, either through live Zoom fitness classes or personal training sessions. Also, keep an eye out for social media events on Clubhouse, Instagram and Zoom. He will be sharing valuable information regarding health and living a creative & prosperous life.  

what's prosperous movement?

Many of us are stressed out by the pursuit of a certain physical appearance. If your goals are superficial, then Prosperous Movement may not be for you. Prosperous movement isn’t working out or exercising; it is a physical flow that unites your mind, body, emotions and creativity. Rather than suffering through stress-inducing workouts for mixed results, enjoy the process. We guarantee you the product of genuine joy will be far more attractive than the results of a gruelling workout.

Intuition is the connection to the source of creativity. We can harmonize with this inner knowing through practice, discipline, and a commitment to bettering ourselves. Prosperous Movement is to get the ball rolling, but what we do the rest of our day is up to us. So yes, intuitive practices will offer momentum for connecting with your resevoir of creativity; they will help you tune in to your inner subtleties and guide you to listen to your silent but true self.

If you’re not interested in being more creative, we ask you to reconsider your opinions on creativity. Because how creative you are is measured by your ability to manifest solutions. And that’s what life is, a platform for challenges to arise, and therefore everyone benefits from being imaginative. Also, a significant benefit is the convenience of having your physical activity planned for you. So you can save your time for what you want to work on, like making your dreams a reality.

We have deconstructed every form of elective exercise, physical activity, beneficial motion, whatever you call it; we have broken it down into necessity. What does the human body need? Not what you believe it needs, but what works for everyone worldwide; we’re tearing down boundaries and eliminating controversial beliefs. We stick to the facts.

The foundation of Prosperous Movement is Intuitive Physical Fitness. The main difference is that it will have elements of Creative Renewal. Think of Prosperous Movement as a perfect balance of personal training and life coaching.  

What are the sensational 8?

A practice designed to cultivate a unique synergy between muscle groups by indirectly targeting a synergist (shared muscle group) through various complementary movements.  To no surprise, this is our incorporation of circuit training within The Sensational 8.


HappyWorks is a program meant to offer an enjoyable challenge through various bodyweight exercises and intuitive flows. It focuses on callisthenics and isometric training. Some common poses are plank, push-ups, reverse plank, bridges, etc. Think Power Yoga, with an emphasis on Power.   

D.S.S. is a circuit containing free movement intervals, challenging asanas, and weightlifting. This is interval training, performing each section for 1 min. Dance Fitness + Yoga + Bodysculpting, this one makes the most of your time.  

Happyogis is an intuitive yoga-based practice that varies from week to week. It can be upbeat or more restorative, depending on how it fits in with the rest of The Sensational 8. 

M.I.M. has a foundation in mobility training and physiotherapy. We offer an opportunity to heal, maintain, and strengthen joints and connective tissues through this program. By exploring the movement of the bones, we ensure fluidity in everyday life. 

B.T.P. utilizes traditional strength training exercises combined with dynamic + explosive movements & yoga asanas. The goal is to activate both fast & slow-twitch muscle fibres. Think old-school bodybuilding + plyometric training. It gives you something both tried & true yet unique. 

Happy Punch! is a free-flowing program that walks members through various dynamic movements, bodyweight exercises and yoga postures. This practice is our wildcard, and we intend to give our members something different and unexpected each time. It’s both exciting and effective. 

We designed Dragonfly Yoga to bring members complete calmness by the end of the flow. Every practice culminates with creative visualization from an awesome savasana. Lose tension and improve flexibility in both your mind & body.